9 Tools For Electricians That Cannot Be Missed

Do a value-for-money analysis of electrician hand tools and automatic equipment. Choose recognized brands that certify the quality of the material but pay attention not to pay premium prices for the products.

International regulations manufacture certain materials of an electrician, so they carry a special marking.

Below are nine tools. Review the regulations and look for the symbols on the products before purchasing them.


Discovering what a crimper is is very simple: it is a plier used to secure and fix the union of the different types of cables to any type of connector. The electrician crimper can be used with Internet, television, telephone or electricity cables.


The riveter is one of the most used tools in the industry. It is mainly used to rivet two objects together or an object to a surface. There are different types of riveters. The manual riveter is used as a clamp, while the pneumatic riveter is usually lighter. The latter is powered by air instead of using manual force.

Soldering Iron

The soldering iron is a very precise and beneficial tool because it allows soldering on the different components of an electronic system. It is ideal for working on and repairing boards, cables and circuits in a simple, fast and comfortable way.


The multimeter is a light electronic device that measures active and passive electrical magnitudes. So it is one of the best electrical measurement tools. Today the digital multimeter replaces analogue equipment and provides new functions that simplify the work of electricians.

Wire Stripper

The wire stripper is an essential accessory for professionals who handle, maintain and install wiring. Like all pliers, it is used to precisely cut the outer sheath of cables to make joints without damaging the interior. On the market, you will find automatic wire strippers, although the most accessible and common are manual ones.

Duct Tape

In the market, you can get black electrical tape or coloured electrical tape, such as white, red or blue electrical tape. This tape made of PVC is ideal for holding and finishing the repair of electrical cables. It is current insulating, protects the state of the connections and resists abrasion.

Cable Gland

The cable guide is essential for every electrician since, without it, introducing cables into the conduits would be almost impossible. Cable grommets speed up tasks. A cable gland gel is recommended to save time and reduce friction.

Electrician’s Scissors

What are electrician’s scissors for? This object is essential for anyone who works with cables. It comes with insulation that guarantees the user’s safety so that he can carry out his tasks comfortably. They are very versatile products as they can strip conductors or cut cables.

Electrician Pliers

The electrician’s pliers are an essential cutting tool for professionals in the electrical sector. Installations or repairs to electrical devices would be impossible without using electricians’ pliers. This object is used to strip, cut, manipulate and hold cables, wires and pieces of different sizes.