The Main Favorites In Every Competition

Soccer Players From Rio De Janeiro

Even at the beginning of the 20th century, although football had just begun in many countries, various competitions in this sport also began. Futebol brasileiro began its participation in the international competition in Buenos Aires.

The first competition for Brazilian footballers was not famous. In 1914, they returned home defeated by Argentina. The national team of Brazil at that time was composed of two teams, whose players did not agree with each other, which led to their general defeat.

The selector of this team realized that the best footballers are from Rio de Janeiro and that’s why he made a selection only from this team for the national team.

Futebol Brasileiro

Regardless of the defeat, the Brazilians were always the main favorites in every competition, but disagreements between the players and poor communication between them led them to defeat. Even in Montevideo in 1930, at the world championship, they were kicked out of the competition by a small and unknown Yugoslavia in the world of football.

The start for the Brazilian national team in competitions was almost always disastrous even though it was composed of the best players. Regardless of the fact that all Brazilians love football, they could not win and win titles.

With the appearance of the underage player Pele, Brazilian football undergoes a transformation and the national team begins to win numerous titles and medals in various competitions. This exceptional player led the Brazilian national team for 13 years and with his great play and perfect leadership, he helped the players and fans of Brazil to enjoy football success all those years.

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